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Does price of plastic pallet matter big time?

Today, I am sharing something in regards to the main concern when it comes to the purchase of plastic pallet. Even though I had put up on how to choose a plastic pallet that is suitable for your application and judging on the value it brings to your corporation, many times it still flow back to the main concern which is the cost of purchase.

First, I would like to talk about the cargo plastic pallets or some call it one-way plastic pallet. For these type of application, there is no doubts that the main concern will be the price of the plastic pallet, this is not specifically for Malaysia but throughout the globe. These type of plastic function as a one time disposable usage, where you send your goods together with the pallet to your customers and that's the end of the usability of the product. You are not taking the pallet back, its gone. So, the cost of this type of plastic pallet is very crucial to your competitiveness in the market, because the price of the pallet will determine the cost of your final products quoting to your customer. So, how to judge the cost of the product before you purchase? Always, buy a sample product and go for a trial, and make sure that it is function-able for your product packaging, product pallet arrangement and product load. It have to surface the journey to your customer. Only, then you should judge on the price if the pallet had been successfully tested.

Secondly, lets move on the price of a heavy duty plastic pallet. You had to bear in mind, that this type of plastic pallet will carry your business for a long term usage. It is not like a one-way shipment pallet. So, there is several factors that you need to make sure before your purchase and remember remember remember that price will not be the main concern. The main concern here will be the ROI that the product will bring. Same old process, purchase a sample, try it on your application and up on your racks. After, zoom into the supplier product warranty coverage. Justify the product quality and Bam! decide on your purchase.

This will just be an overall idea on judging the price of the plastic pallet that you will be purchasing. So what ! If the product it cheap and it does not do what it suppose to do, you lose out on the value. Or if its a long term heavy duty plastic pallet and its cheap to purchase but does not last you for a long term use, you lose out on your value.

If you need any help, do drop us an email or just get to us on our CONTACT US page. We will look into your situation and propose to you something of value to your organization.


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