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Heavy Duty Plastic Pallet

Steel Skeleton Reinforced / Thick Ribs Structured / Customizable / 36 Months Warranty / Raw Material Options 

Our heavy duty plastic pallets can be customized with steel skeleton insert options for different applications and requirements. They are able to fit into multiple different types of racking system such as selective racking, drive-in rack, very narrow aisle racking (VNA) etc. All of our heavy duty plastic pallets have undergone random test along the production process to ensure consistency in our products. All products are qualified for a duration of 36 month manufacturing defects warranty.

Heavy Duty Pallet

High-Quality Heavy Duty Plastic Pallet For Your Stacking Needs

Heavy-duty pallets, also known as warehouse pallets, are known for being pallets meant for long-term, repeated use. VANQO Plastics’ heavy duty plastic pallets have different features that make them stand out from the rest and they are as follows:

Steel Skeleton Reinforced

With VANQO Plastics’ product, a steel skeleton reinforcement is optional. This customization is optional as an insert for different applications and requirements. As a result, the heavy duty plastic pallet is able to withstand more than most generic pallets.

Thick Ribs Structured

Designed with a robust framework, each heavy-duty plastic pallet boasts a thick ribs structure, ensuring overall stability. Rest assured, this product can withstand potential damage, remaining steadfast under the weight of any goods for any operation.

Customizable Options

VANQO Plastics' heavy-duty plastic pallets offer customization options to suit diverse applications and requirements. This adaptability enables the product to seamlessly integrate into various racking systems, providing businesses with a reliable and durable solution for their goods. 


In addition to all these features, each heavy duty plastic pallet undergoes a random test along the production process to ensure consistency. From this, the product is qualified for a duration of 36-month manufacturing defects warranty.

Identifying the Sectors that Utilize Heavy Duty Plastic Pallets

With the many features that make VANQO Plastics’ heavy duty plastic pallets stand out, these durable pallets find utility across various industries, including:

Materials, Options & Testing Strategies of Our Heavy Duty Pallets

At VANQO Plastics, we manufacture our products with a recyclable and durable material meant to withstand all kinds of elements. Depending on the use, the heavy duty plastic pallet can be designed to fit into an elective racking, drive-in rack, or even a very narrow aisle racking (VNA). 


Each pallet also comes with the option of a steel skeleton insert option and can range in terms of dimension. To ensure the heavy duty pallets provide quality support, each one undergoes a random test for consistency. While specific details of the tests may vary, the assurance is that these pallets can withstand weights up to 5000 kg. The customization options further contribute to stability and reliability.

Competitive Pricing for Heavy Plastic Pallets in Malaysia

Compared to other heavy duty plastic pallets, VANQO Plastics’ stands out as a reliable and durable product that does not compromise on quality. As dedicated innovators committed to crafting long-lasting and recyclable products, VANQO Plastics presents an economical choice for diverse industries. 

VANQO Plastics is your go-to economical choice, offering businesses reliable options for storage and transportation without operational compromises. Our products ensure a reliable solution, and our commitment to long-lasting and recyclable materials guarantees a sustained product and service life.

Business Upgrade with Heavy Duty Pallets from VANQO Plastics

Considering heavy-duty plastic pallets for your business? Explore the unparalleled advantages and potential considerations before making a decision. Our heavy-duty plastic pallets are crafted to offer a durable and long-lasting support for goods. 

Improve your business operations with the reliability of VANQO Plastics' heavy-duty plastic pallets. Contact us today to discuss how our innovative solutions can elevate your storage and transportation efficiency!

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