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Advantages & Disadvantages of Plastic Pallet

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

9 Leggeg Nestable Plastic Pallet

Plastic Pallets

Everyone, including myself, when we first discovered plastic pallet, we are wow, yet naw! Mainly, due to the big differences plastic pallet cost compared to wood pallets, its almost about 2 to 3 times more expensive. This is also the main reason why wooden pallet still widely use worldwide. But, as years when by, company by companies trying to adopt the green environment, try to cut down on using wooden pallet that encourage cutting down trees. Also, with even more efficient machine and breakthrough in the technology of manufacturing plastic pallets, the price of these plastic pallets are actually coming, lower than before. Nowadays, they are really quite affordable and also very durable.

As for myself, I feel that there is still a long way to go for plastic pallet to grow. In my personal opinion, I feel that the price of wooden pallet will continue to hike as years went by because everyone trying to save the environment, Yes !?

Lets get back to the pro and cons of plastic pallets.

The Advantages :

  • Longer life span, durable, cost effective in the long run

  • No treatment needed (No fumigation, No heat treatment)

  • For air freight, its lighter (That's where you safe cost)

  • Storage friendly

  • Dust Free

  • Easy Cleaning

  • Recyclable ( 20% scrap value)

The Disadvantages :

  • Slightly high initial cost ( Used to be very high, its getting cheaper tho)

  • Once broken, not able to repair

  • Sometimes get slippery ( Can be tackle with anti-slip)

  • Strength wise, wood is always stronger (Steel re-reinforcement comes handy)

  • Size of pallet is not flexible


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