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History of Plastic Pallet

Heavy Duty Plastic Pallet

Its already 2018, yet in minds of many, when you mention pallets, the image that appear to one mind is still a wooden pallet. Undeniable, there is still close to perhaps 85% are still using the wooden pallets. As a matter of fact, the invention to plastic pallet crawl back more than 5 decades ago. Improving year by year, creating more value to its users.

When was plastic pallet invented?

Honestly, there is not much recording at all on this invention when it take place. None have any idea on when the first plastic pallet was created. In the early days, Fred Robinson founded the Robinson Industries in the year 1947. From their history, it was stated that during the 1960s, they are working and producing injection moulded plastic pallet. So they question is, if Robinson Industries invented the plastic pallet? No answer for that to this day.

Year 1960's - Plastic Pallet

Publisher of the Modern Materials Handling Magazine was writing on a plastic pallet made from reinforced fibreglass. There is also evidence of which patents related to plastic pallets was filed. From the patent, we can notice that it mention the pallets were made from all sorts of plastic materials. The 1960's era we can also find out that there is several process which is blow and injection moulding was introduce to produce plastic pallet. As time went by, more ways of producing it was introduced, the rotomoulding, compression, foam moulding as well as thermo forming.

Research found out that there is this pallet called the SUPER-D pallet model, which is the most reliable in term of strength compared to any other plastic pallet in that era.

Year 2018's - Plastic Pallet

Further enhancing the value and performance of plastic, we can now see that there is more users in the market that are slowly started to adopt this technology. In today's technological advancement, plastic pallet are being design and produce in a way to be very reliable, durable, economical and eco-friendly. Recycling technology as well contribute to the industry by making sure that these product is recyclable.

With regulations and standards are being implemented, many users sway into the plastic pallet replacement. The promise that plastic pallet carry are longer life span, lower is cost, hygienic and many more.

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