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Plastic Containers & Bins

Dual Injection / Durable / Easy Handling / Stackable

Our containers are durable. If handled properly it will be a lifetime purchase. Some of our molds and machines are build to perform double shot injection or 2k injections where one single product is produced in two different colors. The benefit of this implementation is to provide users the convenience and efficiency during fast moving operations. Users can now easily differentiate the way to nest or stack the containers.

Reliable Supplier of Plastic Containers & Industrial Bins by VANQO Plastics

While plastic containers and bins may seem like straightforward products, VANQO Plastics brings innovation to the table with a range of standout features. Our containers and bins are crafted to offer your business a reliable storage solution made from durable materials. Explore the key features that make our products exceptional:

Durable Design for Long-Lasting Use

Designed with durability and recyclability in mind, each container and bin guarantees a long-lasting purchase when handled properly. Businesses can rely on these containers to handle varying weights efficiently.

Dual Injection Technology

Going beyond mere durability, our containers and bins are crafted using dual injection technology, or 2k injections. This innovative process involves injecting two different materials into separate locations within the same mold. The result? Containers and bins with a visually distinct, dual-color design.

Easy Handling and Stackability

In addition to being durable cases with versatile options, VANQO Plastics’ containers and bins are designed to be easy to use for different businesses. With user-friendly storage and stackability features, these containers ensure convenience and efficiency during fast-paced operations.    

Aside from these different features offered by the product, businesses will find that VANQO Plastics’ containers and bins can provide convenient options for storage and transportation. Industrial and manufacturing businesses, among the various industries that can benefit from our products, will experience improved operational efficiency with the assistance of our solutions.

Sustainable Storage Containers & Stackable Bins for Businesses

There are diverse collections offered by VANQO Plastics, which goes beyond containers and bins to include a wide range of innovative plastic products. Our commitment to innovation and quality shines through in every item.


Unlike typical plastic storage bins, VANQO Plastics’ containers and bins are designed to be folded and stacked, maximizing storage capacity. Each container and bin is crafted with materials engineered for longevity.

The use of recyclable materials and versatile design options empowers businesses with additional solutions for handling various goods. When you choose VANQO Plastics, you invest in containers and bins designed to withstand the test of time.

Benefits of Plastic Pallet Containers for Your Company

Experience the unparalleled benefits of choosing VANQO Plastics' containers and bins for your company. In comparison to alternative products, our containers offer reliable and industrial-grade storage solutions for various goods.


For businesses with fast-moving operations, VANQO Plastics' containers and bins products provide an additional advantage. Differently colored containers allow for easy differentiation in the nesting or stacking process, streamlining operational efficiency.

Moreover, our products are built to endure the demands of any operation. Designed for both ease of storage and robust performance, each container is capable of handling diverse weights of goods and comes in a range of designs and dimensions.

Innovation in Storage with Industrial Plastic Containers in Malaysia

Crafted to meet the diverse needs of businesses, our industrial plastic containers and storage bins offer a range of features and options that enhance efficiency and convenience in every operation.


Whether you require industrial-grade plastic containers or practical storage bins, VANQO Plastics provides customizable solutions to suit your specific needs. Our products are designed with a focus on innovation, ensuring that businesses benefit from quality and forward-thinking solutions.

Improve Your Storage Solutions with VANQO Plastic Containers & Bins

Simply put, VANQO’s Plastics’ containers and bins are durable and convenient storage cases made with materials meant to last a lifetime and provide different options. 


If you are seeking industrial storage bins to enhance efficiency and convenience in your operations, seize the opportunity to elevate your storage solutions. Contact us today to invest in VANQO Plastics’ products for a storage experience that stands the test of time. Your efficient and convenient storage journey begins here!

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