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How to select Plastic Pallet?

There are few areas consider before selecting the right plastic pallet;

Usually, there is 3 types of loading capacities for plastic pallet :

Loadin capacity of fork lift

Static Load : The maximum load that the pallet can withstand when place at a flat leveled solid surface as such on the floor.

Dynamic Load : The maximum load that the pallet can withstand when moving around on a forklift,


Racking Load : The maximum load that the pallet can withstand when being place on the racking system, as such drive-in rack, selective rack, ASRS rack.


Each plastic pallets models have their own strength and safety standards, for specific applications. These loading capabilities stated are based on loads that are evenly spread on the pallet.

If your load is not evenly spread or might be concentrated on specific area of the plastic pallet, it is advisable to contact our advisor for discussion on your application.


nestable plastic pallet

Types of plastic pallet

Plastic pallets are available in four types :


  • Nestable /Stackable - Pallet can be stack or nest upon each other

  • Single Sided - 3 runners at the bottom of the plastic pallet

  • Reversible - Both surface of the pallet is identical and applicable in both way

  • Double deck - 6 runners running across each other

Choice of surface

Plastic pallets comes with two different type of surface, mesh top surface and full top surface. Full top surface are usually the hygiene pallet for pharmaceutical or food processing industry that are more concern in regards to hygiene of the pallets. Below is an example of mesh top pallet ( Left) and full top pallet (Right).


Type of Materials

Raw materials for plastic pallets comes in two forms which is Polypropylene (PP) or High Density Polyethylene (HDPE).

PE are capable of absorbing impact at low temperature and PP  provides absolute fantastic performance on racking system.

Virgin materials are often recommended if the appication includes having plastic pallet to be in direct contact with food. However, recycle or mix material (Virgin mix recycle) are often preferable because it is more economical and environmental friendly.


Operating temperature

The operating temperature directly effects the performance of the plastic pallets. We need to put this into consideration when offering our customers the suitable plastic pallets.


Rubber gourmets or anti-slip straps are often used to prevent goods to slip off the plastic pallets. Some application do not require such options.

ESD & conductive products

If you are in the electronic industry, be sure to check it out with relevant parties in your organization to know if you need such requirement for your plastic pallet products.

Reversible Pallet
Single Deck Pallet
Stackable Pallet
Double Deck Pallet
single sided plastic pallet
Reversibleplastic pllet top
9 runners bottom plastic pallet
mesh double deck palle


type of plastic pallet surface
reversible plastic palle bottom



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