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About Us

A Service like No Other, Delivering Efficiency as Usual

Unorthodox & Unconventional

VANQO SDN BHD is a new era plastic pallet provider. The heart of the business runs on a very different business model in comparison to traditional plastic pallet manufacturers. The “Edison Moment“ of Vanqo's foundation was when a group of plastic manufacturers and pallet suppliers came together and realized that the traditional plastic pallet manufacturing business often ran into the same challenge of production capacity and product range limitation year after year. In  order to solve these historical aging problems, a whole new business model was born. We put our time, effort and investment into product development and people, investing heavily on product designs and expertise of our team.

Network and Experience

Vanqo has established a huge network of connection globally among our strategic partners, piggy backing on their machines’ extra capacity to produce our plastic products. Our team is so passionate about the plastic pallet business that we are always focusing in delivering not only a product but the value of our expertise which comes with it. We always work together with our clients into studying their actual needs and try our very best to provide a solution. Our goals are to grow together with our clients and become even more efficient and competitive in this ever changing market. We believe in our people.


Our Believes

"You Don’t Build Business, You Build People and Then People Build The Business"

Providing services while making a sustainable impact

Vanqo Sdn. Bhd. believes in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) when it comes to our business. As a team, we are dedicated to environmental sustainability and strives to encourage the use of recyclable plastic products while maintaining the standards for quality and customer satisfaction.


To provide the world with go green recyclable and high valued products to solve industrial wide problems. Increasing productivity and ease of handling.

Vanqo Production
Plastic Pallets


To provide a greener and highly recyclable plastic pallet to the world with ongoing product development of adopting the latest moulding and plasticizing technologies. Reducing the current high dependancy on timber resources globally

What we do?

At Vanqo Sdn Bhd (Vanqo Plastics), we focus in delivering efficiency in our plastic pallet products. Ongoing, breaking through barriers to create better plastic pallet which contribute values to our customers daily operations, making process easier and increasing productivity. At the same time, creating a better and greener environment through recyclable plastic pallets.

How we do?

Our product development and team of designers are constantly creating new products that will bring improvement to the current products in the market. We conduct analysis on customer's plastic pallet requirements and applications. Finally, we come up with a solutions to help our customers to safe cost and of course delivering efficiency through the process.

Why we do?

The main reason for us here in Vanqo Sdn Bhd is do what we do best which is to contribute to the worlds' believe in providing a greener environment. We achieve that through our plastic pallet products. Pallets are an essential needs to the industrial applications and by providing solutions with plastic pallets, we are able to recycle the products and reduce the usage of wooden as a solution. Of course, saving trees in the process for the love to the next generation.

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