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One Way Pallet

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

I feel there is a need to discuss about this category that many knew of, but still there are confusion circulating when it comes to these type of


Straight to the point, that this application is actually for a one time usage purpose, where you put your goods and ship it to your customers, wherever they are, if there are in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, USA and etc., anywhere. Those goods that you ship together with your pallet that you ain't taking them back no more.

What does all these mean?

This mean that, exporters like you, need to put cost into consideration and as well as all the risk involve to make a purchase decision. So, when cost are involve, these one way pallet need to be economical yet still capable of getting the job done right?

I will not be going into detail on type of one way pallet involve in the market, yet I will just be going through on the basic of one way wooden pallet and one way plastic pallet.

In term of material category, it range down to two common material, which is the wood pallet and plastic pallet. Wood pallet are super convenient when it comes to custom sizes to any sizes that you required whereas plastic pallet ranging from a couple of standard sizes to use.

One way wood pallet required heat treatment, fumigation and so forth for ISPM 15 regulation, which mean you need to make sure that these pallet are being treated before the pallet are being exported with your goods and you need to make sure that expiry date applied till the goods arrive at your customers. If treatment expired due to delay and so forth, there will incurred some serious problems result in return of containers to country of origin, penalty and bla bla bla the list goes on. As for one way plastic pallet, such regulation are being applied automatically and will not expire, providing a piece of mind.

Still, you need to weight the risk involve and as well as the cost involve between these two type of material for you to make a wise decision.

I hope these information cleared some of your doubts in the one way pallet category. This might be a short article just to clear some of the concern of wood and plastic. In the upcoming blog, we will be going into the detail on sizes of one way pallet, different type of one way plastic pallet and so on. So, stay tune and we will be going into detail soon.

Cheers, adios !

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