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Plastic Pallet Box

Foldable / Easy Handling / Durable / Stackable / Hygienic

Pallet box is technically a combination of a container on a plastic pallet. This allows them to operate as a container and handled as a pallet by your friendly material handling equipment (M.H.E.). They are build on a pallet base which comes in 2 options, either 3 runners or 9 legged. When they are not in use, folding them is the best approach to maximize storage capacity. They are long lasting and recyclable at any point of time for disposal.

Plastic Pallet Box

Quality Plastic Crates for All Your Storage Needs

Also known as pallet boxes, VANQO Plastics' plastic crates combine the functionality of a container on a plastic pallet. With versatile usage and various options available, these pallet boxes can operate as containers and be handled as pallets. The durable materials and convenient design make VANQO Plastics' pallet boxes stand out. Features of VANQO Plastics' pallet boxes include:

Maximized Storage Capacity

In terms of storage, the plastic crates can handle up to 4000 kg in weight and allow for a 4-way fork entry. Additionally, buyers can choose from 3-runners or 9-legged containers to cover all storage needs.

 Foldable and Stackable

To accommodate different storage needs, each pallet box is designed to fold in on itself and can be stacked on one another whether they are folded or unfolded. As such, no matter the size of the storage space businesses can utilize the pallet boxes without compromising the overall floor of operations.

Long-lasting and Recyclable

As plastic crates with a high storage capacity and versatile usage, buyers can be assured of a durable product. To ensure a reliable storage container capable of being transported, each pallet box is designed to be long-lasting and recyclable.


In addition to these features, each plastic crate comes in various dimensions, ensuring storage at any capacity. Designed with versatility in mind, our pallet boxes are crafted to meet all your storage needs.

Combining Container and Pallet Functionality in A Storage Crates

Plastic crates are designed as crates but can be handled like pallets with material handling equipment (M.H.E.). The crates are built on a pallet base and can be compartmentalized for better space usage. To ensure each box can handle different weights of storage, each box is made with long-lasting and recyclable materials. 


In comparison to conventional crates and boxes, VANQO Plastics' pallet boxes stand out for their exceptional versatility in both storage and usage. Traditional crates often have limitations in storage capacity and mobility for goods. Moreover, our pallet boxes offer the unique flexibility of being folded and stacked, maximizing both goods and storage space efficiently.

Versatile Pallet Storage Box Solutions for Various Industries in Malaysia

Plastic crates and pallet boxes play crucial roles in transporting goods efficiently. While plastic crates are general containers designed for moving goods, pallet boxes offer enhanced protection when shipping items on wooden pallets. The key distinction lies in the mobility provided by the pallet base, facilitating easy lifting and transportation with machinery.


These storage solutions find application across a spectrum of industries. Manufacturing industries commonly utilize plastic crates and pallet boxes for their transporting needs. Similarly, these containers prove invaluable in agricultural and grocery sectors. Essentially, as long as there's a need for transporting and storing goods, plastic crates and pallet boxes serve a vital role in ensuring easy and efficient logistics.

Plastic Crates Supplier that Can Adapt to Your Unique Requirements

At VANQO Plastics, we specialize in providing adaptable plastic crates that go beyond standard solutions. Our crates are designed to optimize storage and enhance convenience for businesses. 


We understand that every business is unique, and that is why VANQO Plastics is more than just a supplier. We are ready to collaborate closely with your business, offering tailored solutions for your distinctive storage and transportation needs. Our commitment is to provide you with the most efficient and effective plastic crate solutions that align perfectly with your requirements.

Explore VANQO Plastics Storage Crate Innovations Today

Different from ordinary plastic crates and pallet boxes, VANQO Plastics' containers integrate the best features of both, providing seamless solutions for both storage and transportation needs. Our dedicated team at VANQO Plastics is ready to assist you with all our product solutions.

Contact us today for storage solutions that transcend the ordinary. If you seek a top-tier, adaptable container for your business, look no further than our plastic crates and pallet boxes. Your journey to innovation starts here!

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