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Are you really going "Green" using plastic pallet?

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

We often heard or perhaps always heard, that plastic is evil and they are the reason the earth is polluted because we as a human being consume so much of these convenient products that when it goes to the landfill, it going to stay for "Dinosaur" years before it goes away.

This statement is true to some extent and for plastic pallet usage, I will need to clarify and also discuss some matters on if going from wooden pallet to plastic pallet is really helping the environment.

Plastic Pallet Weight

You can not deny that plastic pallet is a lighter alternative compare to wood pallet. How does this got to do with going green? When we transport the pallet around, we uses fuel in our transport to do that. Lighter pallet means you are using lesser fuel to move them around and indirectly you are reducing the carbon waste. So this, do make some sense.


Everyone know this, plastic pallet is way more durable compare to wooden pallet. If you are reading my blog, you will definitely know this, because I said it way too much because I am a believer when it comes to this. Some will say, wood is renewable energy and plastic is not and takes a lot of energy when producing comparing to wood and so much more. Yes, you are right ! Those energy and initial cost spread out so many years and plastic pallet does not need so much repair or replace throughout the years. So, this make them a lot greener compare with wood.


It is no doubts that plastic is of course harder to recycle compare to wood but nowadays many are into the business of recycling these plastic materials. Scraps businesses are now more than willing to buy back your plastic pallet for recycle and from the you are able to obtain back some recycle value for your damaged plastic pallet. If you are an importer, those plastic pallet can be sold off as second hand plastic pallet and another business can use it off to export their products. So, its a cycle and its no doubt GREEN.

I do hope that my personal opinion here help you guys out on why going from Wood to Plastic is going Green. If its important for your company to be GREEN, its time for you to go plastic.

Any question, drop us an email. We would love love love to hear from you.

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