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Types of material used to produce plastic pallet in Malaysia

Plastic Pallet Material

As the design of plastic pallet play a major role in determining the strength and capacities on how well the plastic pallet will perform in the industries usage but the main influence actually lies within the types of material used to produce the pallet.

Different material yield different result for different application. Um....yea every type carry much differences in the way they perform through your application. So, always try to get it right.

We ain't gonna talk about everything in details because the topic so so huge and today we just going to talk about the different types of plastic resin use for productions. There is various type of plastic resin and they vary greatly in their strength and cost. So in the category below I am trying to list down some information to help you understand better.


Commonly used material in plastic pallet production. This material is very durable and are capable of absorbing high impact. It is also able to resist corrosion and doesn't really absorb moisture. It is high recommended for storage and inner cycle applications where businesses expect to it for a long period of times for day to day operation.


This is another option of material for plastic pallet manufacturing and also are very common in the market. It is harder type of material compared to HDPE and also is considered inelastic. The advantages of this material compared to HDPE is that PP is capable to withstand greater temperature. In the market PP is more costly than HDPE but as you know sometimes not that much of a difference depending on the global pricing of this commodity.


ACM is to be considered the cheapest alternative of the 3 types of material. This material blend is origin from the scrap. No doubt some say that this material hold great strength too but it is also brittle and definitely does not last. So, the application that blend in well with such material is of cost the cargo pallet or export pallet, whereas the plastic pallet only need to survive for one single trip.

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