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Plastic Pallets are the ideal products to use for export consignment because plastic pallets are exempted from ISPM 15 regulation.

What is ISPM 15 Regulation?

ISPM 15 stands for the International Phytosanitary Standard for wood packaging. This standards are being developed by IPPC ( International Protection Plant Convention) to prevent pests from wood to spread among countries after the incident of the Pine Wood Nematode that causes the widespread loss of pines in Japan and was detected in United States of America in 1979.

Implementation of this regulations require exporters to make sure that any wooden packaging that they use for shiping across borders must meet certain requirements.

Most major exporting countries or markets had already implement ISPM 15, if wooden packaging that fail to comply and certified will cause delays and also incurred extra cost when arriving at the port of the importing country.


Below, we list down some of countries that had already implemented the ISPM 15 regulations and which plastic pallets are given exemption to;


For more information regards to our selection of plastic export pallets or cargo pallets that are fully exempted from the ISPM 15 regulations, call our team of advisors on +6016-626 0108 or you can drop us an email @

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