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The Heavy duty plastic pallets are designed as a platform to assist in the storage and daily heavy duty applications in the industry. They come in various dimensions, sizes and structural design to suit various industry with high static load, dynamic load and racking load.

Heavy Duty
Plastic Pallets

Heavy Duty Plastic Pallet

Efficient Plastic Pallet Deliveries

Our team of deliberate experts have discovered the needs and requirements in the transportation and storage of goods through a detailed application analysis. Today, we supply our solutions to you with the slightest of details. Through this, we are not selling you a product, but we are delivering you an optimized Efficiency.

Leading Plastic Pallet Manufacturer in Malaysia

Not just a product, we provide an ease of mind with maximum R.O.I for your business.

We do not sell products. In fact with a whole team of experts, we are here to provide you a long-term solution. A service that comes with value in the long run instead of a product sale that ends at delivery.

Being competitive in this fast-paced globalization era is no longer about individual growth, it is about coming together and outgrowing the global competition. Let us work with you and you work with us to achieve them together.

Innovation & Creativity

Ongoing research and development to create new product that fits into different industry. At this very moment, we are the only company that covers the biggest range of product availability in terms of product dimensions and applications in whole of Asia Pacific.


All products will go through a stringent test from raw materials to end products. We run random testings upon our final goods to maintain a standard of consistency in our products. We are so confident to provide a 36 months manufacturing defects warranty, so that our customer can have a piece of mind while utilizing our products in their daily operations.


Based on our countless years of experience, a study had shown that 90% of the market customers would wrongly purchase a product which is inapplicable to their operations which had resulted in a lower R.O.I. As much as we care about building trustworthy relationships, we often undergo detailed application analysis for our customers to get their money's worth. This was done to thoroughly understand what best suits our customers and provide them with feasible solutions.

Competitive pricing

We always keep our machines scheduled for weekly maintenance to retain the standards of consistency and efficiency in our productions. We have a team of specialists who regularly upgrades our technologies to keep our productions on tip-top state with minimal raw materials wastage. This is more than staying ahead of competition in terms of pricing. but most importantly our customers can stay parallel with our goals and be ahead of competition in their respective industries.

Production Network

Our production network coverage across the Asia Pacific region stationed in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, China and Japan has provided us the capabilities to present better services to our respected customers.


As we have always believed in the power of green, we run our business model in a way that the environment will always be protected and cared for. All of our products are recyclable. We inculcate the act of waste reuse from our manufacturing by-products and other plastic products to create our non-virgin products.


Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers
SAP Ariba

An ASRS Journey

Let’s zoom into a project we have accomplished!

The Automated storage retrieval system (ASRS) requires a stringent and durable pallet to work with. Due to its automated nature, a slight inconsistency could fail the whole system. In order to fulfill all the requirements, we had to go through multiple testings and specification adjustments on our pallets to ensure that our pallets are accustomed to the ASRS system. As we propel closer to Industrial 4.0, the ASRS system seems to be the goal that all industrial players are looking forward to. We are “READY”, are you? Talk to us if this will be the next project on your list and we will, for sure walk an extra mile to accomplish it with you.

Let us optimize your Business now! Get a free quote!


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