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Know your plastic pallet loading capabilities

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

As a matter of facts, most users in the supply chain industry do understand this topic very well but many times intuition push them to test the limit of the plastic pallet products that eventually causes the pallet to break or fail before the life span is due.

Plastic pallet manufacturers had already gone through numerous times of testing on the new mould before launching the specific plastic pallet model into the market with capacities that the plastic pallet are able to withhold but yet plastic pallet failure due to application of over specified limits are still happening every single day.

Plastic pallet loading capabilities always come down to several factory that determine its strength or weakness.

  • Plastic pallet mould design

  • Type of material used, be it PP or HDPE material or even if its mixed material, 100% virgin or even 100% recycle

  • Ways used to manufacture plastic pallet are also one of the factors (blow, injection, thermoforming, compression and etc.)

  • Steel reinforce capabilities

  • Weight of the raw material used

So, after in order to use the plastic pallets for a long time and a great R.O.I (return on investment), it all droll down to the duty of supply chain users to abide or comply with the loading capacities of the plastic pallet.

This is very important as to why, pushing the plastic pallet off its limit normally reduce the life span of the plastic pallet by 50%, which mean very soon you have to invest in another batch of new plastic pallet which is not good for a business and its totally unnecessary.

So, for today, its all about how much you care about your assets and investment. Stay tune and we will come back and talk more about your investment in plastic pallet which we truly care about in a sustainable business environment.

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