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Reason to use Plastic Pallets

As years goes by, the improvements in plastic pallet manufacturing is huge. With today's technology in manufacturing plastic pallets, it is now stronger, safer and more reliable alternative to other types of pallets.

Below are the benefits that you will gain when using plastic pallets;

  • Uniformity and consistency products

  • Long life span - 10 times more compared to wooden pallets

  • An asset - Return on Investment

  • Recyclable, a green product

  • ISPM 15 exemption

  • Safer, non hazardous with protruded nails and splinters

  • Dust and mould free, contamination free

  • Easy to clean

  • Invulnerable to moisture, weak alkali and acid

Uniformity and Consistency

Plastic pallet are being manufactured at extremely high pressure promising high strength and consistent products. Moulded plastic pallet are very accurate in term of strentgh, size and design.

Long life span

When plastic pallet are being put to use in distribution and storage within the specification allowed, life cycle for plastic pallet can exceed 10 years. As for wooden pallets, the life span is so short that most companies need to replace it on a yearly basis.


Even though, to begin with, the plastic pallets investment might be higher than wooden pallet, plastic pallets are categories as an asset and as such it depreciated over the years. As an example, a standard heavy duty pallet, the operation cost can be as low as RM1.00 - RM2.00 per month (Assuming the products depreciate over 10 years of life cycle)


Companies are very well aware of the deforestation that is harming the mother earth and in many ways trying to go green and protect the nature. Staying away from wooden pallet by choosing the plastic pallet manufactured from recycled material is one step away to preserve the nature.

ISPM 15 Exemption

According to the ISPM 15 ( International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures), plastic pallets are being exempted. Which mean, there is no costly treaments and troublesome documentations. Plastic pallet provide hassle-free for global export shipment.


There is no hazardous nails involve that could cause injury to your workers or staff. There will be no protruded nails that could damage product and cost loss.

Contamination Free

High humidity environment promotes growth of mould, which normally appears on wooden pallet. As for plastic pallets, mould does not grow on such materials, which mean the plastic pallets maintain contamination free.

Easier Cleaning

Plastic pallets can be ongoingly wash with steam or high pressure guns or even pallet washing machine. Dust does not absorb into plastic pallet and justr rolls off during the cleaing process.

Invulnerable, moisture, weak acids and alkalies

Even under extreme conditions, plastic pallets will never absorb moisture. Plastic pallets are able to withstand weak acids and alkalis during operations.

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