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Types of Plastic Pallets

Custom Plastic Pallet

Every company have their own requirements and unique applications, it is very difficult to set rules in regards to which types of plastic pallet that is most suitable. 

We study plastic pallet applications, from project to project basis to provide the most suitable solutions for our customer's needs.

However, these are some basic guidelines of plastic pallets for reference purposes.


Generally use for cargo shipment or exporting goods overseas, loading capacities normally range around 1 tonne, economical and is suitable for air freight. One way consignments and for floor storage. Definitely not suitable to be place on the rack.

Higher loading capacities, normally use in the application of internal warehouse storage and cycle. Mid price range, suitable for selective racking system and floor stacking. Suitable for uniform goods.



Similar with the above plastic pallets but higher in strength and loading capacities. Can be used on selective racking system, drive-in racking system and etc.


This model are being designed to be fully conductive and ensure immeadiate discharge of staic electricity. It avoid accumulation of electricity charge. Mainly for the electronic industry.

This type of plastic pallet are with full top surface for easier cleaning and does not accumulate dirt or dust. Suitable for the pharmaceutical and food industries. The top range plastic pallets in term of price.

Unique type of plastic pallet that are designed to fit the application of companies that uses the RFID ( Radio Frequency Identification System) in their daily applications. Pockets are being design on the plastic pallets to comfortably fit RFID tags.

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