Frequently Asked Questions for Malaysia Plastic Pallets & Handling

The Types Of Plastic Pallet

This is a picture of plastic pallets in their stacking and nesting form.

Nestable Plastic Pallets fit together with each other nicely when its not being utilise or in the preparation for shipment or export.

Most of the time, you are not able to nest up different manufacturers plastic pallets unless they are manufacture to meet industry standards

So, whats the difference about on stackable plastic pallets? Mainly, stackable plastic pallets have some something extra onto it. They have bottom support, which mean you can steadily place it on top of another plastic pallet whether during logistics transportation or mainly storage only. The bottom support comes in 3 different types; 3 runners, window deck or side deck.

Rackable plastic pallets are pallets that are specifically design and engineered in a way to support specific racking system. By that means, that different racking pallets are compatible for different racking system; drive-in rack, selective rac, ASRS rack (Automated Storage and Retrieval System).

Drive-in racking system
Drive-In Racking System
Selective Racking System
Selectrive Racking System
ASRS Racking System
ASRS Racking System (Automated storage and retrieval system)
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Actually you can use any plastic pallet for export, but there will be cost involved so in order for you to be cost efficiient, every companies will try to reduce their cost choosing plastic pallets that economical but yet still are strong to hold their goods for shipment. 

Plastic pallets cost slightly higher compared to wood pallets, so why would companies used plastic pallets to assist in their exporting journey? The reason is simple, in regulations plastic pallets do not require fumigations, heat treatmen or chemical treatments and also custom documentations declaring that the wooden pallets is abiding to the overseas shipping regulations. Once you include in these time consuming and costly hassle, it is than wooden pallet cost can be truly compared with plastic pallets.

CLICK HERE for more information in regards to ISPM 15 (The International Phytosanitary Standard for wood packaging).

General Questions

Why there is price fluctuation for plastic pallets?

The raw material which is the resin that are used to manufacture plastic pallet is a petroleum based products. The price of this commodity fluctuate, so are plastic pallets.

Why is the pallets black?

Actually, plastic pallets can be manufacture in all sort of color. For black plastic pallets, the raw material are 100% from recycled materials. There are some plastic pallets that are fully virgin material but still are black in color.

Do you sell second-hand plastic pallets?

We only sell newly manufactured plastic pallets.

Do you have wooden pallets?

We focusses in plastic pallets and believe in going green to cut down less wood.

Can  I drop by and purchase several pallets?

Of course you can, but do call us and let us know in advance.

Can I arrange my own transportation company?

Definitely, if you prefer to plan your own logistics.

How can I select the right plastic pallets?

We need to analyse together with you in regards to your applications. You can get in touch with us and we can study your requirements together, so that we can come up with a final proposal of which plastic pallet suit your applications best.

Can you send globally?

Yes, we can send to you anywhere in the world. Get in touch with us and we are more than happy to help you out.

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